Critical Early Season College Football Money-Maker

Since nearly all college teams play 12-game seasons, the third battle can be a significant one. If you think about it, after this contest, 25 percent of a team’s schedule will be completed. That’s a hefty chunk! When researching this game three scenario, I took a look at teams that were 2-0 SU, 1-1 SU and 0-2 SU. There were solid technical sets in all three areas. However, the one I am about to share with you was the best of the bunch. Take a look.

Since 1980, PLAY ON any game three team that opened up the season with back-to-back straight up losses provided they own revenge and are priced as a favorite or an underdog of +24.5 or less.

39 Year ATS Record = 112-70-3 ATS for 61.5 percent

This Week’s Play = UCLA

Any team that starts the season with a pair of losses will approach the third game with a sense of urgency. Adding revenge to the mix keeps our “play on” side focused and motivated even after the blemishes.

There are a couple of special parameters that can be added to this base system that enhance it greatly. As long as the team we are investing on does not enter off a pointspread victory, this technical situation improves to a highly profitable 84-43-3 ATS for 66.1 percent. If this is a non-conference game and the last tightener is in play, then this Critical Early Season College Money-Maker jumps to a rewarding 52-21-2 ATS for 71.2 percent. UCLA applies to both winning sets.

What do you say we grab a massive 23-point underdog and bring this baby home? Good luck with the Bruins on Saturday!