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    NCAA and NFL Service through Monday, December 4th

    For only $125, you an pick up all of my Best Bets through Monday, December 3rd. This offer includes my:

    7* College Football Game of the Year
    Saturday, November 17th
    4* 100% NFL Rare Perfect System Play
    Sunday, November 18th
    4* NCAA Black Friday Game of the Year
    Friday, November 23rd
    5* NCAA Last Home Game of the Year
    Saturday, November 24th
    5* NFL Total Play of the Year
    Sunday, November 25th
    4* NCAA Conference Championship Game of the Year
    Saturday, December 1st
    5* NFL Database Dream Play
    Sunday, December 2nd
    This is the perfect ending to the 2018 regular season!

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  • Tom’s College and NFL Best Bets thru Super Bowl

    Tom’s 2018-19 NCAA and NFL Best Bets complete with star ratings and professional analysis are available exclusively in the Members Section from the start of the NFL Pre-Season through the Super Bowl with your paid subscription.

    $450.00 for 1 year Sign Up Now
  • 2018 Team Stryker Football Power Club

    The Team Stryker Power Club (TSPC) is for the sports investor that wants only the best. Lee Stryker, Mickey McGannon, Trey Johnson, Dan Tesinferno and Tom Stryker combine forces to bring you their strongest releases in football. This includes every “Game of the Year” selection in the NCAA and NFL. These top-rated Best Bets are released Friday after 6 PM EST and Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 AM EST.

    $495.00 for 1 year Sign Up Now
  • All-Season Profit Pass – 1 Year of Best Bets

    The All-Season Profit Pass provides you with all of Tom’s Best Bets in football, basketball and baseball for one calendar year (365 days) and the selections are available daily in the Members Section with your paid subscription.

    $1,695.00 for 1 year Sign Up Now