Pre-Game Report 

How do I get my selections?

Once the NFL regular season kicks off on Thursday, September 7th, here’s what your weekly online edition of the Pre-Game Report will include:


Seven professionally analyzed selections which will consist of a mixture of College, NFL and Pro totals. These games will be available online on Thursday’s after 4 PM EST! There won’t be a “fixed” amount of selections from either category. Depending on the schedule, you’ll receive the seven BEST BETS on the board!


In each issue of the Pre-Game Report, Tom will break down one of his best college or pro systems and provide you with the game (or games) that apply. You’ll see the sound reasoning behind each money-making situation and then reap the profits!


The PGR won’t leave you longing for any TV action.  Weekly, three nationally televised games will be analyzed inside the PGR so you can watch and win!

On an incredible seven-year run, the PGR is prepared to make 2023 another profitable journey.  Take a peek at the results from the past seven years and place your investment today!

2016-22 PRE-GAME REPORT RECORD – 619-518-24 ATS for 54.4 percent plus +125.7 Stars

  • PGR College Football Key Releases – 245-200-8 ATS Plus +79.3 Stars
  • PGR NFL Football Key Releases – 123-115-6 ATS Minus -16.6 Stars
  • PGR College Bowl Key Releases – 29-30 ATS Minus -21.7 Stars
  • PGR TV’s Big Three Key Releases – 200-165-10 ATS Plus +38.4 Stars
  • PGR NFL Playoff Best Bets – 22-8 ATS Plus +46.3 Stars

Consider this:  If you wagered $100 per star on all of the PGR’s Best Bets over the past seven seasons, you would have made a net profit of $12,570.  (125.7 stars profit x $100 = $12,570)

The PGR is back again this season and is available online or via email.

Full Season Offer – $149