Who is Tom Stryker?
A professional sports handicapper since 1984, Tom Stryker brings 38 years of hard earned experience into your corner. Honesty, integrity, and fairness can all be expected when doing business with Tom. There aren’t but maybe one or two handicappers in the nation that can match Tom’s work ethic. He is absolutely possessed when it comes to winning and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal..

What has Tom Stryker done lately?
TONS! Two years ago, Tom found plenty of Best Bet success on the football field. From October 28th, 2017 to January 1st, 2018, Stryker assembled a lucrative 49-25-2 ATS record for 66.2 percent +78.7 stars. On Best Bets related 4*’s and higher in that run, Tom posted a reliable 15-5-1 ATS mark for 75.0 percent! In 2003 Tom was dialed in on the gridiron especially in college football! When the dust settled, Tom’s TOP College play posted an incredible 11-3 ATS record for 79 percent. That’s not the best part. Tom’s “play on” side in those 11 victories outscored its opponent 531-162! That’s an average whipping of 48.3 to 14.7! In 2000, Tom reached the ultimate peak when he finished the season as the #1 ranked college football handicapper (28-13 for 68.3 percent record) as monitored by the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In 2001, Tom repeated that feat by finishing #1 in college football with a solid 24-15 for 61.5 percent mark! To date, Tom is the only handicapper to have ever won back-to-back College Football titles at the Sports Monitor! Along with that, Tom has recorded an array of Top 12 finishes since 1996 including: 28-12 for 70.0 percent in the 2000 NBA Playoffs (#2), 4-0 for 100 percent in the 2001 NFL Playoffs (#1), 23-12 for 65.7 percent in the 2002 NBA Playoffs (#5), 52-36 for 59.1 percent in the 2001-02 College Basketball season (#2), 8-3 for 72.7 percent in the 2002 College Bowl Season (#3), 5-1 for 83.3 percent in the 2004 NFL Playoffs (#3) and 40-31 with a 6.64 percent return on risk and a net profit of $3,976 in the 2003 MLB season! Check out some of these documented performances:

What can you expect when you do business with Tom Stryker?

1. EXPERIENCE – Anyone that has lasted over 30 years in the Sports Service industry is doing something right. Sit on my side of the desk for a moment. If I didn’t pick winners consistently, would I still be in business? Absolutely not! Over the years, I have assembled enough arsenal to beat the linemaker on a weekly basis. That includes: Professional contacts in the industry, a cutting edge database that can provide me with ATS results for every imaginable situation, and the basic gut instinct needed to decipher winners from losers.

2. PROFESSIONALISM – When you do business with Tom Stryker you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. The customer (YOU) always comes first. I am appalled with the way some companies treat their clientele. It seems as if once they get your money, they could care less about you. That will NEVER happen when you do business with me. I will handle all questions and comments – both good and bad – personally whenever you call.

3. EFFORT – When you pay a sports service do you really know what you are getting? You should! I put my heart and soul into what I do and that will be portrayed in the way I give out my games. For the second consecutive year, I will provide my clients with a written analysis of ALL of my Late Phone Service selections. When you go to the window and invest your hard earned dollars on my advice, you will do it informed. There are so many services out there that simply have you call a tape-recorded voice mail message to retrieve the information you purchased. Is that a convenience for you or them? The way I see it, you deserve to know why Tom Stryker used Notre Dame plus the points as his College Game of the Month. Your hard earned money is on the line because of my advice and I will never forget that fact.

How do you rate your plays?
My plays are rated from 1* to 5* in one star increments. About a handful of times during a season, I will release games that carry a 7* rating. Those selections are my “Game of the Year” plays. My 1* and 2* picks are opinions only. Anything rated 3*’s or higher are games that I’m actually playing and getting monitored. It is imperative that you play my selections the way they are rated. For example, if you were playing $100 per star, you would invest $300 on a 3* release, $500 on a 5* release and $700 on a 7* release. Remember, you should never invest more than 5 percent of your bankroll on any given play.

How many plays do you release?
If your looking for loads of action, I’m probably not the man for you. My philosophy on not giving out too many games is simple: Recouping from a 0-3 day is easy. Battling back from a 1-11 day is almost impossible. On an average week in football, I release around 3-4 college selections and 2-3 pro games. I’m not the type of handicapper to fire out 12 plays on Saturday and another 10 on Sunday. If you think about it, all you need to do is win ONE game to make money.

How do I get your selections?
My selections are available online or via a voicemail telephone number.

What time do you release your games?
In football season, I release my games on Saturday and Sunday morning at 10:30 AM EST and Monday through Friday at 5 PM EST. During basketball, my late phone plays are available during the week after 4:30 PM EST and on weekends after 11:30 AM EST.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cashier’s checks, money orders, and personal checks are gladly accepted along with MasterCard and Visa. Depending on what you are purchasing, You can either call our offices at 1-800-533-7457 to place your order or do it online provided the product or service you are searching for is advertised and available