College Football’s Late-Season Revenge Warrior

One of the greatest tools a sports handicapper can use is revenge motivation. It doesn’t matter if it is football, basketball, hockey or baseball, payback opportunities can lead to tremendous money-making sets.

Earlier in the week, I was banging away at the Team Stryker Database looking at a few of my lucrative late-season technical situations. Without knowing it, I went off on a tangent that not even I can explain. Specifically, I was looking at revenge in a number of different ways. When a team is looking to settle an old score, I feel confident they will come out focused on the task at hand. Sometimes, that is half the battle!

At one point in this research, I was looking at college football teams from game nine through game 12 that were in a payback mode. When it is late in the season and the injuries and fatigue start to mount, I felt that revenge motivation would be one tool that could give a team the added emotional edge that it needed to overcome all of those issues. As it turns out, I was correct in my assumption. Take a look at this beauty:

Since 1980, PLAY ON any college football road team at game nine of the regular season provided they are resting at .500 on the year (4-4 SU) and are fighting with revenge.

39 Year ATS Record = 72-47-2 ATS for 60.5 percent


At 4-4 SU, these college football revenging road teams rise up to the challenge and turn out to be solid investments. If we make this a competitive game and bring them in favored or an underdog of +13.5 or less, this system improves to a rewarding 55-28-2 ATS for 66.2 percent. The Cornhuskers and Eagles apply to this tightner at press time.

There is one other special parameter that can be added to that last tightener that enhances this systems profitability. If our “play on” side has struggled to cash tickets this football season and holds a team ATS won/loss percentage less than .500, then this technical situation improves to a sizzling 27-7 ATS for 79.4 percent. With that 27-7 ATS mark in hand and our “play on” team facing a foe that is not off a blowout loss of 21 points or more, this system jumps to a juicy 26-4 ATS for 86.6 percent. Only Nebish fits this money-making tightener.

Good luck with the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday and be sure to hang on to this system for more potential plays next weekend.