Game 8 College Super Momentum System

Unique technical situations can pop at any time in a college football season. Some come early in the year, others are jammed in the middle and there are those that shine brightly at the end. This System of the Week looks at specific college teams at game eight in what I would like to call a “must-win” setting. Take a look at this handicapping beauty:

Since 1980, PLAY ON any game eight conference guest that owns a 4-3 SU record provided they take the field off a straight up win.

39 Year ATS Record = 107-77-3 ATS for 58.1 percent


After picking up an important straight up victory and getting back above the .500 mark, these mission teams do whatever it takes to stay there. A loss at this point in the season places them back to where they started (at .500) and with little time left on the schedule clock to improve.

There is one way to tighten up this money-making situation. If our “play on” side is lined up against an opponent that played on the road in their last game, then this system improves to a solid 78-46-2 ATS for 62.9 percent. All five teams all fit this awesome parameter.

Even better, with our 78-46-2 ATS mark in play and our side taking the turf off a blowout victory of seven points or more, this handicapping gem explodes to an eye-popping 69-27-1 ATS for 71.8 percent and is currently on a head-scratching 26-4-1 ATS run for 86.7 percent since 2012. As luck would have it, ALL FIVE APPLY!

Good luck with the Trojans, BC Eagles, EMU Eagles, Cougars and Panthers and be sure to hang keep this for possible plays next weekend.