Early College Rest Equals Big Profits

Every athlete needs some time off. The grind of practices and preparation can become taxing especially on a young college football player. The rest allows all the bumps and bruises to heal, sends a young man home to see his family and allows an individual to be a college kid even if it’s just for a few days.

Of course, a week of rest to a sports handicapper means only one thing – money!

The Team Stryker Database is a powerful tool. When used effectively, profitable technical situations can be uncovered that have been working successfully for the past 39 years. You can ask the Team Stryker Database almost anything. On Monday night, I decided to take a look at how college football teams did early in the season when playing with rest. Here is one of my better discoveries:

Since 1980, PLAY ON any game four or less college football home favorite that is playing with rest provided they check in off a straight up road win.

39 Year ATS Record = 68-39-1 ATS for 63.5 percent

This Week’s Play’s = IOWA & OKLAHOMA

As I’ve said so many times before, time off is one of sports handicapping’s most powerful tools. In this case, we have a rested home team returning off a momentum-building road win that is now lined up against an opponent that they are favored to beat. This system is simple, makes perfect sense and just cranks out winner after winner.

There is one way to make it better. If our “play on” host is heavily favored by -13.5 or more, this technical situation jumps to an eye-popping 36-11 ATS for 76.5 percent. Both the Hawkeyes and Sooners fit this elite tightener.

Best of luck with Iowa and Oklahoma on Saturday!