NFL Game 15 Kryptonite

The Team Stryker Database is, without question, the most powerful handicapping tool I’ve ever seen.  The insane number of winning situations that I’ve discovered over the years is astounding.  Some of these sets are complex while others are so simple that it is hard to believe.  This week’s system leans on the second half of that statement.

When I started my research, I was looking to see how NFL teams did in certain sets in the last two games of the regular season.  What I actually found was one highly profitable technical situation using the easiest set of parameters ever.  Take a look at this outstanding handicapping tool:

Since 1980, PLAY AGAINST any NFL game 15 favorite that takes the field off a blowout loss of 10 points or more provided they were priced as a favorite or an underdog of +7 or less last.

38 Year ATS Record = 61-22-2 ATS for 73.4 percent

This Week’s Play = TAMPA BAY

The knee-jerk reaction would be to jump all over a late-season favorite provided they check in off a double-digit blowout loss in a game in which they were reasonably priced.  That’s exactly what you don’t want to do and this NFL Game 15 Kryptonite system proves it.  Last Sunday, Dallas (+3) was on the road at Indianapolis and the ‘Boys got drilled 23-0.  This week, the Cowboys are favored by a touchdown over the Buccaneers and they are going to struggle to cover this number.

There is one tightener that can be added to make this situation even worse.  If our “play against” favorite holds an ATS won/loss percentage less than .580, this system falls to a shocking 10-49-1 ATS.   Dallas applies to this eye-popping parameter.

Let’s hope the Bucs offense shows up and provides up with the assist.  Good luck with Tampa Bay on Sunday!

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