College Football’s Strong Finisher

Championship Saturday is just over three weeks away and college football’s regular season is winding down quickly.  There are still going to be a number of money-making opportunities on the board.  However, you just might need to work a little harder to find them.

This time of the year can be difficult for sports handicappers.  You’ve got some teams that have thrown in the towel, others that have too many injuries to make a difference and a handful that are on cruise control and simply going through the motions.  Thankfully, with the help of the Team Stryker Database, I’ve been able to fight through those deterrents and get on track with solid technical situations that have a history of success.

I’m a firm believer in the phrase, “it’s not how you start, but how you finish.”  With that thought in mind, I decided to take a look at college teams that were playing well down the stretch.  After banging away at the database for about an hour, I uncovered a set of parameters that turned a solid profit.  Take a look at this incredible situation:

Since 1980, PLAY ON any game 10 to game 12 regular season host that takes the field off two or more straight up wins provided their opponent checks in off a straight up underdog victory.

38 Year ATS Record = 84-53-4 ATS for 61.3 percent

This Week’s Play = UAB

Here we have a college football team that is peaking at the end of the regular season matched up against an opponent that checks in off an emotional upset win.  That sentence along sounds like a recipe for success!

There are three different parameters that can be added to this general situation that really make it pop.  If our “play on” host carries a team won/loss percentage of .501 or better, lined up against a conference foe and neither team is rested, this college football late-season system improves to a powerful 57-23-3 ATS for 71.2 percent.  The Blazers apply to all three pieces of this magnificent puzzle.

Since its loss to Coastal Carolina back on September 8th, UAB has posted a phenomenal 7-0 SU and ATS record in its last seven games.  The Blazers are blue-hot, peaking at the right time and catch the Golden Eagles off their home upset win over the Thundering Herd.  Good luck with UAB on Saturday and be sure to check this system over the next few weeks for more possible plays.