NFL High-Five Database Money-Maker

In a 16-game season, it is crucial for NFL teams to get off to a good start.  Setting the tone early can keep a squad on course as the year progresses.  I’ve researched a number of technical situations that take place at game eight or less and found some very good wagering propositions.

This week’s system looks in on a team that got out of the gate slowly and is trying to get back to respectability.  The pro football season is short and you have to act fast when you fall behind.  That can be easier to do in the first half of the season when injuries and fatigue haven’t taken their toll.  My NFL High-Five Money-Maker situation backs a team that does exactly that.  Take a look:

Since 1985, PLAY ON any NFL game five home team that holds a team won/loss percentage of .500 or worse provided they enter off a straight up road loss and their opponent arrives off a straight up win.

33 Year ATS Record = 66-30-4 ATS for 68.7 percent


Here we have a hungry team with an 0-4 SU, 1-3 SU or 2-2 SU record coming home off a road loss lined up against a foe that arrives off a straight up win.  This “play on” side is facing a touch of desperation and responds when they have their backs to the wall in their own backyard.  Through four games, Washington has alternated wins and losses and finds itself with a 2-2 SU record.  Off last Monday’s blowout loss in the Big Easy, the Redskins will get over the hump with one of their best performances of the season.

There is one tightener that can be added to this system that brings in even more profit.  If our “play on” side is facing a foe that carries an ATS won/loss percentage less than .600, this situation improves to a phenomenal 34-9 ATS for 79.1 percent.  This special parameter eliminates those opponents that are performing well against the pointspread this season and likely labeled as cash cows.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees wasn’t going to be stopped in his quest to make NFL history on Monday night.  Off that primetime loss to New Orleans, the Redskins will get back on track with a huge win and cover over a Panthers team that should have lost to the Giants last weekend.  Good luck with Washington on Sunday.


Even though Stryker has posted an eye-popping 9-1 ATS record for plus +22.6 stars over the last three Saturday’s in college football, Tom has spotted an incredible money-making spot in the pro ranks on Sunday and he’s prepared to place a powerful 5* rating on this Best Bet.

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