Tom’s NFL Game 4 Cash Cow Tank Job

If you’ve watched the NFL this year, then you’ve probably seen that there’s a ton of parity in the league.  On any given day, any team can win a football game.  If you don’t believe that, then just ask the Minnesota Vikings!

All kidding aside, while researching this week’s pro card, I wanted to take a peek at those teams that got out of the gate quickly.  With a hot start, there is a tendency for the Linemaker to place too much value on a team.  At first, I started looking at those squads that owned a perfect 3-0 SU record.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything strong enough to write about.

Then, when I analyzed those NFL teams that busted out with three consecutive ATS wins, I hit the jackpot.  Honestly, this pro situation is an easy one but it makes sense and performs extremely well.  Take a look.

Since 1980, PLAY AGAINST any NFL road team competing in their fourth game of the season provided they covered the pointspread successfully in their first three.

38 Year ATS Record = 41-22-2 ATS for 65.0 percent  


Here we have a cash cow with a perfect 3-0 ATS record most likely a little overvalued on the road in a setting where they can easily struggle.  There were a couple of special parameters that could be added to this pro system that enhanced its profitability.

If our “play against” guest is matched up against a non-division opponent and our “play against” side did not score 38 points or more in their last game, this NFL Game 4 Cash Cow Tank Job tightens up to a rewarding 33-10-1 ATS for 76.7 percent.  Of the three teams listed, only the Cleveland Browns apply.

With an 0-3 SU record, head coach Jon Gruden and the Raiders are in prime position to get their first straight up win and second cover of the season!  Good luck with Oakland on Sunday!